Meet the Experts in SEALOFLEX Waterproofing Sales and Installations at VJP INDUSTRIES, INC.

Are you planning to build or remodel a deck or balcony or are you building a house that demands the best in waterproofing products   VJP INDUSTRIES, INC. can supply you with all the required SEALOFLEX products to complete your project.


We will weatherize your decks above living space. And we're always available for any emergency. We will be there quickly to help you with your project, even with minor repairs.


Have your maintenance work performed on decks every once in a while, it is an inexpensive way to prevent damage without the need for major repairs.


You can find out more about us and our services on the following pages. Feel free to contact us and we will find the right solution for your project!

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Our Waterproofing supply and installation company offer you a broad range of services. Take a look at the following pages and find out what we can do for you.



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The team at VJP INDUSTRIES, INC. is your trusted partner when it comes to Waterproofing work in and around your building. Find out more about our company. We would be glad to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on any project you plan to tackle.

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